The door beyond the crucible of sorceries

  • Magick: The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will and Nature

  • Witchcraft: Mastering the Art of Ritual Magick

  • Shamanism: Traveling Here and Beyond

  • Necromancy: Trade with the dead

  • Black Magic: Darkness Manipulation

  • ATHALIS: The door beyond the crucible of sorceries

  • Tarot Cards: Synchronicities and Reflections of Souls

Welcome to Athalis our "Slow Harry", our philosophical Athanor, a furnace used to provide a uniform and constant heat for you to start or improve Magick, Witchcraft and Shamanism.


"Agares" Infernal Dictionary Collin de Plancy. Paris 1818


Welcome to the world of Spells!

Each section is completed daily by you and our small team of Sorcerers and Witches.

A wee friendly warning though, Magick and Witchcraft are not toys, you will have to be careful, patient, intelligent and resilient and especially, yes especially not be afraid because the demons feed on fears as surely as a Vampire quenches his thirst on our bluish and luminescent veins.

To practice Magick it is recommended to be in good physical and mental health or be guided by an experienced magician or occultist.

So if fear does not freeze you, if your nerves are stable, if your inner strength tells you to go further then, follow the guide ...


Picture courtesy from the Cumbrian Artist © Rubaidh Art


Magic is a liberation, a deliverance through mastery and love of the occult forces of nature. Far from religious dogmas, intolerance and fanaticisms. It is time for us witches and sorcerers to do our "coming out" and never again be the victims of witch hunting.




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